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Mesen Spicy Salad (Sashimi Salad)   $ 13

Choice of tuna or salmon, mixed with cooked baby spinach, avocado, cucumber, scallion, & sesame seeds in chef’s secret sauce!

Ocean Spring Salad    $13 

Tuna, spring green mixed, seaweed salad, asparagus, avocado, cucumber, masago with special Japanese dressing with crispy salmon skin on top.


Sashimi Appetizer $12

9 pieces of sashimi (tuna, salmon and white fish)

Sushi Sampler $10

5 pieces of sushi (tuna, salmon, white fish, hamachi and shrimp)


Spicy Ocean $ 8

Choice of conch, octopus or red clam & cucumber mixed with kimchee sauce


Sunomono $8

Octopus, conch, imitation crab & cucumber in tangy rice vinegar


Tuna Tataki $10

Thin slices of seared tuna with ponzu sauce


Yellowtail Jalapeño $13

Thin slices of yellowtail topped with thinly sliced jalapeño


Me-Sen Rice Crispy $9

Chopped spicy tunatoasted crispy rice, black tobiko jalapeno, eel sauce and spicy mayo

Spicy Tuna or Salmon Tonwer  $13
Spicy tuna or spicy salmon with avocado tabiko fish egg served with crispy wonton chips


Torched Salmon Sushi or Sashimi  4 pcs  $12

    Lightly Torched Salmon sushi or sashimi with Chef special sauce



Served with Miso Soup or Salad.


ATlantic $29 (Boat for One)

Shrimp Tempura Roll, 6 pieces of sushi, 9 pieces of sashimi.


Majestic  $49 (Boat for Two)

Rainbow Roll, Eel Roll, 12 pieces of sushi, 14 pieces of sashimi.


Oceanic   $75 (Boat for Three)

Shrimp Tempura Roll, J.B. Roll, Crunchy Crab Roll, 18 pieces of sushi, 18 pieces of sashimi.


Stardancer  $95 (Boat for Four)

Shrimp Tempura Roll, Rainbow Roll, Tuna Roll, Crunchy Crab Roll, 24 pieces of sushi, 24 pieces of sashimi.


japanese noodle

Chicken Breast, Beef, Pork, or Tofu $14.95 combo 16.95 Prawns, Squid, or Scallops $16.95 combo 18.95


Tonkatsu ramen

Japanese egg noodle soup with vegetables.


Yaki Soba

Sautéed yakisoba egg noodle with vegetables.


Udon  Noodle    $11.95

Udon in hot broth with shrimp tempura veggies





California Roll $6

Imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber inside out with sesame seeds

Spicy Tuna Roll $6
Tuna mixed with kimchee sauce, scallions & sesame seeds

Avocado Roll $6


Rainbow Roll $9

California roll topped with white fish of the day, salmon, tuna, & avocado


Shrimp Tempura Roll $12

Shrimp tempura, avocado, asparagus, scallions and Japanese mayonnaise


Mexican Roll $12

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, asparagus, & spicy mayo inside out with sesame


Japanese Bagel Roll $6

Salmon, cream cheese & scallions (seaweed outside)


Eel Lover Roll $14

Loads of barbecued eel on top of a California roll


Spider Roll $11

Soft shell crab, avocado, asparagus and scallions inside out with sesame seeds


Salmon, cream cheese, scallion, rolled in seaweed and deep-fried with eel sauce

Chicken Katsu Roll     $9.95 

Chicken tempura, asparagus, avocado and scallions with eel


Kamikaze Roll    $7.95

Spicy tuna, tempura crunchy, masago, sesame oil and scallions.



Chili’s Roll $ 15

Tuna, salmon, masago, avocado, cucumber, Japanese mayo & sriracha hot sauce inside out with wasabi tobiko & sweet miso

Dragon Roll $14

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, scallions, lettuce & spicy mayo inside out, topped with thin slices of avocado

JJ Roll $15

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber, asparagus inside out topped with salmon & tuna with Chef’s special sauce

Jumping Wahoo Roll $17

Tuna, avocado, scallions, tempura flakes, masago, spicy mayo topped with wahoo and thin slices of avocado

Party Roll $ 17

Tuna, wahoo, salmon, cucumber, scallions, wasabi tobiko & cream cheese, fried katsu style and drizzled with kimchi & chef’s spicy sauce topped with Gem spicy imitation crab


Pretty Pink Roll $15

Salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber & spinach wrapped with pink soybean paper

Red Dragon Roll $16

Crispy shrimp tempura, eel, cucumber, avocado & scallions topped with thin slices of seared tuna, sprinkled with tempura flakes, spicy mayo and masago

Tuna Lover  $14.95

Spicy tuna, scallions, cucumber, tempura crunchy, avocado, topped with tuna and spicy mayo sauce.


Sea Monster Roll $16

Tuna, salmon, white fish, scallions inside out topped with avocado, spicy kimchi sauce & wasabi cream sauce


Conch or Crab Volcano Roll  $18 Cucumber, avocado, real blue crab meat, scallion, masago, on top with conch volcano sauce.


Spicy Lobster Roll $20

Fried lobster, spicy mayo, avocado, cucumber, scallions & jalapeño inside out with masago & sesame seeds


Tom’s Dream Roll $20

Chef TOM’s signature roll! Wahoo tempura, avocado, jalapeño peppers & masago topped with spicy baked scallop

Crazy Monster Lobster Roll $24.95

Fried lobster, masago, cucumber, avocado & jalapeño tempura then topped half with spicy tuna & half with spicy imitation crab, tempura flakes and finished with Chef’s special sauce




$1 for any add on


Alifornia Hand Roll  $5 

Yellow Tail Hand Roll  $5 

Eel Hand Roll   $5 

Salmon Hand Roll  $5 

Crispy Salmon Skin Hand Roll  $5 

Spider Hand Toll (2 hand rolls) $11.95 

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll   $5 

Spicy Scallop Hand Roll  $8


sashimi combination

Served with Miso Soup or Salad


Sashimi Dinner  $24.95

A combination of 16 pieces of sliced fresh raw fish.


Deluxe Sashimi   $28.95

A combination of 21 pieces of sliced fresh raw fish including Conch and Octopus.



12 Sashimi and 5 Sushi



A work of art! For seafood

arranged on special plate of sushi rice.


Sushi & sashimi 2pcs $5





Quail egg

Scallop  $6









Salmon belly   $6

Hamachi (yellow trail)

Hamachi belly   $6

Surf clam   $6

Escolar (white tuna)


Sweet Shrimp    

Botan Ebi  $7

Albacore   $6

Tai(Japanesesnapper)  $6 

Fluke (flounder)  $6

UNI Sea Urchin  $7

sushi&hosomakicombination dinners


Served with Miso Soup or Salad


Saushi One  $17
6 pieces of sushi and california roll.


Sushi Two  $24
10 pieces of sushi and crunchy california roll.

Sushi Deluxe  $24
California roll, tuna roll and 6 pieces of sushi.

Hosomaki Combination   $16
California roll, tuna roll and jb roll.


Lady Fingers   $18
Rainbow roll and 5 pieces of sushi.



CHEESE ROLLS (3pc)  $4


TEMPURA (Shrimp & Vegetables)     $6


Fried Rice  (Shrimp or Chicken) $6


Stir-fried Yaki soba or Udon noodle $7


Chicken teriyaki  $7

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